Frequently asked questions

How does Mold effect a body?
Is the mold I have dangerous?
How does mold enter my family’s body? (they don’t lick the mold)
What Causes Mold?
How does mold start?
How does mold spread?
How fast does mold grow?
What are Mold Spores?
What is the difference between mold and mildew
What is the Black stuff in my shower?
Can I smell Mold?
Can I just clean the mold myself?
Can I kill mold with bleach?
Why does an inspector test the air AND swab the mold?
Do I need to get an inspection before getting remediation?
Can I rely on an in-home test kit from the hardware store?
What is the difference between an Eval and an Inspection?
How much does a mold inspection cost?
How do I find a good inspector?
Why is it against the law to be the Inspector and the Remediator?
Why would I seal off a room with Plastic and isolate an area?
Isn’t the mold confined to just the visible area that I can see?
Why would someone recommend demolition vs sterilization?
When should I resort to Demolition?
I was told I have to tear it out, is that true?
What is Micro-Purification?
What is the difference between Micro-Purification and fogging?
How does Micro-Purification compare to other remediation?
Will this kill Covid?
How does your process work?
I only have one little spot of mold, is this right for me?
How does it get behind my walls?
Are the products safe?
How is it non-toxic and is it EPA approved?
What are the actual chemicals used?
Is it safe for animals?
How Much is it?
How long does it take?
How soon can I get treatment?
What is your Guarantee?
How do you verify I’m safe?
How do I prepare for treatment?
Should I cover the furniture and clothes?
Should I get my air ducts cleaned?
Do you work after hours and weekends?
Can you treat my Yacht?
Can you treat an automobile?
How safe is this for restaurants where there is food and health inspections?
What types of facilities is Micro-Purification certified to be used in?
Will this get rid of the smell/odor in my home?
What is the step-by-step sequence to fix my problem?
How much experience do you have?
Does an inspector test after the job is done?
What is the guarantee / warranty?
Why doesn’t anyone else offer that guarantee?
How do I know mold won’t come back?
How often do I have to get this done?
What happens if mold comes back?
Is Mold Bros Licensed and Insured for Mold Remediation?
Why do Real Estate Agents like us so much?
Can I use Insurance?
How does insurance usually work?
What is a Public Adjuster and why would I need one?
How do I know if my mold problem will be covered by insurance?
How long does an insurance claim take?
How does this protect my business and employees?
What type of documentation is provided to Human Resources to prove my employees are safe?
How does this protect me from predatory lawyers?
Can I get a few references?