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Traditionally, the only way mold could be taken care of was by removal. This involved sectioning off an area with plastic tarps, covering all the air ducts with plastic and then demolishing a section of someone’s home or business. We had to seal everything off before we started because we knew that when we started tearing open walls, we were going to aggravate the mold and it would release billions of toxins and spores into the air that the occupants were going to breathe.

Many inspection reports recommend this type of handling, as it is very profitable for the remediator, while being costly and messy for the customer. These days, the traditional method of removal is not necessary 90% of the time. The only remaining reason to remove anything from your home or business is to handle extensive water damage.

Micro-Purification is a process where a liquid is turned into an aerosol, with the particles becoming so small they can permeate into the walls and the furnishings and can travel throughout the air ducts and air conditioning systems. It’s a total environment sterilization which kills all mold, viruses, and bacteria, validated by an air quality sampling reviewed by an independent lab afterwards.

A comparable analogy would be tenting a home to kill termites, where an incredibly toxic gas of extremely small particles permeates through the walls to kill the termites in the studs. Of course, that’s where the similarity ends since our Micro-Purification process uses only non-toxic, human-safe, pet-safe, and food-safe products. The aerosol must be safe, since we treat not only homes and businesses, but also medical facilities and restaurants.

Most of our customers are incredibly relieved to find out that modern technology has made it less expensive to sanitize the entire environment rather than one small area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I just clean the mold myself?
Isn’t the mold confined to just the visible area that I can see?
I was told I have to tear it out, is that true?
Why would someone recommend demolition vs sterilization?
When should I resort to Demolition?

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