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Micro-Purification is a process that sterilizers your entire home, including the garage, attic, and places where mold, bacteria or viruses can hide.

By the time someone sees mold growing in their home, the air is already saturated with high levels of mold that their family is breathing.

We used to tear out the visible mold area and hope we handled it. These days, we know that old method doesn’t work since mold is an airborne issue and not a localized problem.

In order to handle the situation completely we saturate the air with a non-toxic solution that is lethal to mold, bacteria and viruses and kills everything within a matter of moments.

The particles that we saturate the air with are so small that they can permeate through clothing, furniture, drapes, AND walls getting into every nook and cranny of your entire home.

The Micro-Purification process is completely non-toxic, pet-safe and family-safe!

After treatment, we guarantee the effectiveness of our process by having a licensed inspector collect air quality samples from your home and receive verification from a third-party lab that your home has a clean bill of health.

Below are the most common questions we get about how Micro-Purification works. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we get on Micro-Purification and how it works.

What is Micro-Purification?
How does your process work?
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How do I prepare for treatment?
How long does it take?
What is the difference between Micro-Purification and fogging?
How does Micro-Purification compare to other remediation?
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