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With mold being an airborne issue, the only way one can know that a home or building is free of mold is through air quality testing.

Once we complete the Micro-Purification process in your home or business, we validate the effectiveness of the process with a third-party licensed inspector who will sample your home and send it to a third-party lab for verification of a clean bill of health for your home.

We guarantee a passing air quality check, or we will continue to retreat your entire home or business at no-charge until we achieve that standard. We couldn’t provide this guarantee when we did tear out remediation, as that method never handled the mold concentrated in the air. Technology has now improved to such a degree that your home and family can be made safe from hidden invisible dangers, guaranteed.

Below are the most common questions we get about how we guarantee your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we get on our guarantee.

What is the guarantee/warranty?
Why doesn’t anyone else offer that guarantee?
Does an inspector test after the job is done?
How do I know mold won’t come back?
How often do I have to get this done?

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